Discovering the Pyrenees national park
Discovering the Pyrenees national park
Discovering the Pyrenees national park

Discovering the Pyrenees national park

14-day guided tour through the massif

  • Hiking in the Pyrenees National Park
  • Covering unique places and mountain scenery
  • See a wealth of flora and fauna
  • Experienced state-certified mountain guide
  • Tour for experienced hikers

Experience the natural wonders of the Pyrenees while hiking through the national park! It's an ideal tour for experienced hikers as they explore the 3 peaks of the Gavarnie mountain range.

On this guided hike, participants spend 2 weeks discovering the impressive massif of the Pyrenees: they can expect breathtaking and almost untouched mountain landscapes with countless lakes and peaks!

Price from 1.505,- €

Discovering the Pyrenees national park

Guided tour, 14 days

Difficulty level


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Day 1: Lourdes - Aspe valley - Arlet mountain hut

Participants transfer to Aspe valley near Lescun. After following a route from the Lhers plateau to the small village of Lescun in the National Park, they will ascend to the Saoubathou Pass (1918 m) from the Deth Caillau hut. Past sheep pastures to the lake and the Arlet mountain hut.

Duration of leg: 3-4hrs - difference in altitude: +900m/-100m - transfer time: 2 hrs

Day 2: Arlet - Somport Pass

The Arlet peak contains a large pasture where participants may taste Pyrenees sheep's cheese produced by the shepherd from their lodging. They then descend into the beech forests of the Espélunguère from the Somport Pass. If time permits, the group will make a short detour to Spain to Lake Estais.

Overnight stay in simple mountain huts near the Somport Pass.

Duration of leg: 4-5hrs - altitude difference: +300m/-900m.

Day 3: Somport - Arnousse Valley - Ayous Hut

The group will explore the wild trail along the edge of the forest to the Arnousse and Lary Mountain Huts followed by an ascent to the Ayous pass (2180m): breathtaking views from the pass to the two outstanding peaks of Midi d'Ossau. Short descent to the Ayous Lakes and the mountain hut.

Duration of leg: 6-7hrs - altitude difference: +1000m/-500m

Day 4: Around the summit of Midi d'Ossau
Participants traverse with true geological treasure under their feet: varied landscapes with volcanic and sedimentary rocks from the sea floor and glacier erosions. The path that they follow to the Peyreget Pass goes through the climbing paradise around the Ossau, down to the valley to Caillou de Socques.
Public shuttle to the mountain hut in the valley.
Duration of leg: 5hrs - difference in altitude: +700m/-1250m - transfer time: 15min

Day 5: Caillou de Socques - Arrious Valley - Hut of Arremoulit

The group board the shuttle to Caillou de Socques. Once there, they will ascend into the beech forest, along the summer pastures and the mountain stream, into the valley of Arrious. On the pass shortly after Lake Arrious, they will reach the mythical passage of Orteig - a bend along the mountain slope and one of the highlights of the journey, The hike continues across Lake Arstouste back to the Arrémoulit mountain hut dependent on weather conditions and stamina.

Overnight stay in the small mountain hut of Arrémoulit (2280m) by the lake.

Duration of leg: 5hrs - altitude difference: +950m/-100m - transfer time: 15min

Day 6: Lake Artouste - Hut of Migouelou

The group will descend to Lake Artouste on the wild hiking trail to Carnau Lake. Ascent to the Artouste Pass (2472m), before a change to the Azun Valley and the High Pyrenees. Descent to the lake and dam to the Migouélou mountain hut (2278m).

Duration of leg: 5hrs - altitude difference: +500m/-500m

Day 7: Lake of Pouey - Laun - Tech-See

Participants make a short ascent to the Hospitalet Pass before descending to the north at the Lake Pouey-Laun. Wild and not very busy area. We reach the valley and leave the national park for Lake Tech.

Overnight stay in an inn in the Azun valley.

Duration of leg: 4hrs - altitude difference: +300m/-1200m.

Day 8: Lake Suyen - Port de la Peyre St Martin - Respumoso hut

Short transfer above Lake Tech before the group returns via the national park through the fir forest to the emerald green Suyen Lake. They will make the long ascent past the Rémoulis lakes to the border crossing of Port de la Peyre St. Martin (2295m). The group will be in Spain for a while at the Respomuso hut. The wonderful surroundings consist of a large lake, pine trees, valleys and peaks.

Overnight stay in a hut at the foot of the Balaïtous massif.

Duration of leg: 4hrs - altitude difference: +950m/-150m - transfer time: 20min

Day 9: Fache-Pass - Walloon Hut

Short warm-up on the lakeshore, then an ascent to the lakes and the Fache-Pass (2664m), with the peaks Petite and Grande Fache (2947m and 3005m). Return to France down to the Wallon hut with its small chapel.

Overnight in a hut that offers a beautiful sunset.

Duration of leg: 5hrs - altitude difference: +600m/-850m

Day 10: Marcadau Valley - Pont d'Espagne

Participants ascend into the pine forest behind the hut from the forest to reach the beautiful views on the other end. We pass Lake Nère, then Lake Pourtet (2420m). Next, ascent to the Embarrat lakes and the sharp granite peaks of Castet Abarca. They will follow the quiet route of Marcadau's Gave.

Overnight stay in a mountain hut near the waterfalls of the Pont d'Espagne

Duration of leg: 5hrs - altitude difference: +560m/-920m.

Day 11: Lake Gaube - Oulettes de Gaube - Baysselance hut

Participants walk along a pretty path through the pine trees and on the granite rocks, up to the Gaube Lake: a real postcard scenery, with the "Vignemale" at the foot of the valley and the emerald green lake. Then, on through the narrow valley near the impressive north face of the Vignemale. Ascent to the Hourquette d'Ossoue (pass at 2734m) and descent to the Baysselance mountain hut for a night overlooking the Ossoue glacier.

Duration of leg: 5hrs 30min - altitude difference: +1200m/-150m.

Day 12: Petit Vignemale (optional) - Ossoue Valley - Gavarnie

Early risers may descend the Petit Vignemale (3032m): its summit is easily accessible and boasts views over the Gaube Valley including Gavarnie-Mont Perdu and the Ossoue Glacier. After returning to the hut, the group continues to the famous Gavarnie cauldron.

Duration of leg: 5hrs 30min to 6hrs 30min - altitude difference: +0 or +400/-1300 or -1700

Day 13: Cirque de Gavarnie - Cirque d'Estaubé - Maillet

The group head to the mountain hut at Espuguettes and to the Hourquette d'Alans (pass at 2430m) and can look forward to the immense snow-capped mountain walls and several hundred meter high waterfalls. The day caps off with a hike behind the Hourquette, down into the Estaubé mountain basin to Lake Gloriettes.

Duration of leg: 7hrs - difference in altitude: +1100m/-650m

Day 14: Cirque de Troumouse - Lunch and shower in Héas

After a short ascent, participants hike in the huge natural arena of the Troumouse massif at 2000m altitude. Descent to the chapel of Héas to round off a journey (hopefully) full of beautiful memories of the last two weeks.

Warm and cosy lunch in a guesthouse and the possibility of a hot shower. Participants will then be transfered to the Aspe Valley for their connections home.

Duration of leg: 3hrs 30min - difference in altitude: +300m/-650m - transfer time: 1hr.

End of the trip.

Travel dates

  • Jul 10th, 22 – Jul 23rd, 22
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  • Jul 24th, 22 – Aug 06th, 22
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  • Aug 07th, 22 – Aug 20th, 22
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  • Aug 21st, 22 – Sep 03rd, 22
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  • Sep 04th, 22 – Sep 17th, 22
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Indicated pricing is per person in a dormitory

Our journey begins and ends at Lourdes railway station.
You can organise your journey yourself and extend it as you wish.

For fixed groups (min. 8 English-speaking participants), an English-speaking tour guide is available on request.


Price includes

13 nights in dorms in simple mountain huts, full board (lunch picnics), transfers according to the programme, luggage transport, experienced state-certified mountain guide.

Number of participants

Can be booked by individual travellers!
Guaranteed departure: 5 persons (max. 15 persons)
Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
Last possibility of cancellation from the tour operator: 21 days before the beginning of the trip


6 nights in gîtes d'étape ( group accommodation) and 7 nights in mountain refuges (no down required). "Mountain spirit" dinners. We'll have a picnic at lunch.

Level of difficulty: Moderate to hard

Please consider your fitness carefully before booking the guided hike through the pyrenean massif. You need to be in good physical condition and be able to walk for several hours. This trip is not suitable for beginners. We recommend that you use the time before the trip for appropriate preparation training. Your hiking boots should be worn at least one week before your departure. Route characteristics: mountain paths, narrow hiking trails, alpine terrain with numerous ascents and descents. Endurance, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required. On average 5 hours walking time and 650 altitude meters: there are 3 stages with more than 1000 altitude meters but without descent, up to day 13 with the highest demands (+1,100m/-650m with 7 hours walking time). This trip contains optional climbs (mounting the Petit Vignemale summit). Luggage: Participants are kindly asked to carry their daily luggage; a luggage transfer will be organised except on days 1,3,5,6,8,9 and 11 (no sleeping bag required).

Your Guide

We assure the services of a French, state-certified mountain guide who is a specialist for the region. The tour is in French. For parties of 8 or more, an English-speaking mountain guide can be arranged (on request).

Getting there

We recommend an eco-friendly train ride to Lourdes. From there, you will be transferred by minibus to the starting point of the hike.General information and tips for travelling to France can be found here.

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