French Onion Soup – soupe a l'oignon

“Stinginess is a bad cook, but impoverishment makes for good soups…”
A fitting quote for a classic in French cuisine, Soupe à l'Oignon as it is common in rural areas, especially in winter. Not to be confused with the somewhat watery broth in which a slice of bread floats with grated cheese known in Germany. Prepared in the proper French way (smug smile), this soup is a satisfying evening meal, also ideal as a midnight dish on New Year's Eve.

Preparation time: 1hr 15 minutes

Ingredients per one serving:

  • 2 very large or 4 to 5 small onions
  • 6 slices baguette
  • plenty of grated cheese (preferably Gruyère)
  • beef broth
  • oil
  • pepper
  • salt


Peel and slice the onion. Do not sauté too much in oil, rather glassy to yellow. Then place the onions in a large pot and cover with plenty of meat stock, salt and pepper. Cover and cook at low heat for about 45 minutes. Meanwhile fry or toast the bread slices in the pan with the oil until crispy. When the onions are cooked, take them out of the broth with a passing spoon and put them into a fireproof dish. Then layer the grated cheese and slices of bread on top of the onions. The last layer should be of bread, onto which some cheese is grated. Now pour the broth into the dish, but only up to the last layer of bread. If necessary, season again. Bake the onion soup in the oven for 10 minutes and serve hot.

All set for the New Year!

Bon appétit!


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- This recipe also fits the vegan diet: simply replace the Gruyère cheese with grated vegan cheese and the meat broth with vegetable broth. And if you are interested in vegan cooking, take a look at our vegan tours.