To France on a bike and on a train

Keeping the carbon footprint low

Bahnhof in Korsika Ile Rousse

Did you ever take your bike on board the train?
The combination is one of the most sustainable means of travel.
But how (well) does taking a bicycle on a train work?

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Why travel with the train?

It is the impressions you get while travelling. The reasonable pace allows you to take in the passing scenery. Whilst on the train, you can also chat with passengers about the region.
But most importantly, trains and bicycles help you keep a low carbon footprint whilst your travels.

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Deutsche Bahn Zug

Taking your bicycles on board

While sustainable, travelling with a bike and bus varies in convenience depending where you are in Europe.

In the German ICEs, for example, it is only possible to take a bike with you on selected routes and trains. Some train systems only allow bicycles on board on certain times. The British Railway encourages people to travel by bike but preparation varies depending on network.

We will deal with the specifics in France.

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Where do I stow my bike?

Where do I stow my bike?

Within France, bicycles can be taken on long-distance and regional trains (reservation for the TGV and the SNCF). There are allotted spaces for bicycles on regional ones.
Depending on the transport authority, bicycles can be taken along at different rates and sometimes even free of charge!

Folding bikes can be taken as luggage on board almost all trains free of charge and without reservation.

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Zugreservierungsportale in Deutschland und Frankreich

Booking tickets

You can filter your connection search by selecting the option “only connections for bicycle transport” in the search function of the French railways SNCF.

A good alternative to the websites of the German and French railways (DB and SNCF) is the online platform Trainline: Here you will find – often at reduced prices – tickets of the SNCF and the DB as well as possible bicycle pick-ups.

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Fancy a holiday by train?

Would you like to combine a train ride with hiking or cycling?

In addition to our conventional bike tours, France écotours also offers tours which combine them with trains:
Organic Bordeaux wine per bike, the Blue Coast, Marseille or Corsica on foot and by train.

Enjoy your train rides and cycling tours

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