What is yoga and what is it good for?

Asking these two questions are essential if one wants to truly benefit from its practice. Yoga is, in fact, practicing a philosophy. AND, yoga has some healing ability. Let us dive straight into it.

What is yoga?

In practice, yoga is a series of poses and stetches aimed at strengthening bodily mobility and equilibrium.

What is yoga good for?

The underlying idea here is making you feel more confident, self-aware and in control of the body. Although control may be misleading, rather, one feels in greater harmony with the body.

You are still reading! Let us delve deeper. At its essence, yoga is a philosophy. It goes something like this: everyone one of us consists of a soul. Our souls are placed in a tangible vehicle that is the body. Our soul finds expression through the body, yet we are probably not very aware of this relationship. Once we become spiritually aware of the body, we can strengthen our bond to it…through yoga.

Is yoga good for you?

Sure it is. No, it is not a must, but it broadens your horizon. The goal of yoga is to enlighten you about your body. The stretches and poses enables you to better understand the mechanics of your muscles. You will work a lot with joints, as they connect bones and muscles.

Who created Yoga?

Yoga is at least 3,500 years old (probably older). It stems from religion, namely Hinduism and Buddhism, so it has always dealt with spirituality and interconnectivity with ones surroundings. This is why yoga shares a deep connection to nature.

Can yoga heal? Introducing TriYoga.

Yoga has been used to treat anxiety, headaches, sleep disorders and depression.

We will focus on a particular school of yoga: TriYoga. TriYoga is a series of yoga exercises grouped into different levels, seven in total. It is a system that enables you to progress in mobility and strength. A student of TriYoga will talk about 'waves of energy'. TriYoga looks like a dance. Movements must be organic and natural. It is through that dance that you feel waves of energy flowing through the body. It is a palpable way of feeling energy created by both the body and the soul.

Enjoy Yoga in southern France!

What is TriYoga®?

TriYoga®, a special style of Hatha Yoga, was developed in the 1980s by Kali Ray in the USA and is a very therapeutic yoga style. In TriYoga® the body is systematically built up with the help of (movement) series, flows, i.e. flowing sequences. Strength and mobility, space and tranquillity are created as if by themselves. The flows often seem dance-like and light and let us quickly find our inner flow. Satisfaction and joy, serenity and calm are playful in their adjustment.
The combination of breath (pranayama) and mudra (finger/body gestures) ensures the targeted work of the neurological system, so that body, mind and soul become one.
In order to provide variety, we combine on our yoga journey in the Ardèche. Yoga exercises always with walks through France's most beautiful regions. For to sit around in the hostel or in the guesthouse would be the wonderful nature and the many historical and culinary attractions of the surrounding area far too shameful!

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