Myths and legends in Cathar Country
Myths and legends in Cathar Country

Myths and legends in Cathar Country

A day's outing to Rennes-Le-Château and Mount Bugarach

  • Climbing Mount Bugarach
  • Local guide specialised for Cathar country
  • Regional specialities
  • Guided tour of Rennes-Le-Château

Unwind for a day on a microadventure in the Occitaine region of Aude. Your guide will share anecdotes as you explore the Rennes-Le-Château and Mont Bugarach. The guide can adapt the difficulty of the routes for the group to decide.

Price from 125,- €

Myths and legends in Cathar Country

Guided tour, 1 day

Difficulty level


Day 1 (morning) : Rennes-le-Château and the secret of the Abbé Saunière

Meeting point at Rennes-Le-Château car park at 9:30am. Participants can also be picked up at Couizas Bus station at 9:15am.

The group are off on a tour of the Abbé Saunière's house and the church. Your local guide, Djamila, will take you on a walk in the footsteps of Abbot Bérenger Saunière, a 19th century priest who is said to have discovered a fabulous treasure buried under his church. His story - or rather his mysterious fortune - was the talk of the town at the time and its accuracy is debated to this day.

Transfer by private car and lunch at a farm famous for its local Languedoc dishes, or a hearty picnic.

(Afternoon): Hiking on Mount Bugarach, New Age Movement legend

Participants take their car to a car park in Bugarach, where they will hike to the foot of Mount Bugarach. Followers of the New Age movement gathered here in 2012 during the end of the world prophecies. It was their belief that the mountain has particular telluric properties, shelters a hidden treasure and is associated with extraterrestrial activity.

Travel dates

Indicated pricing per person

Departures every Monday. Weekends also if the minimum number of participants (4 people) is reached.


Price includes:

Accompaniment of the local guide, the hearty picnic or lunch at the farm, visit to the castle, food provided on the way.

Guaranteed departure

Guaranteed departure from 4 persons upwards (16 participants max.)
The tour operator reserves the right to cancel this trip up until 48 hours prior to departure.

Not suitable for persons with reduced mobility

Level of Difficulty: Intermediary

This micro-adventure is suitable for all in good shape. Good hiking experience is necessary (average or advanced level).

The guide

Your qualified guide specialises in the geography and history of the Aude region. She will take you to symbolic places and hiking trails that she knows like the back of her hand. Please note that she only speaks French.

How to get there

We recommend travelling Rennes-Le-Château by car. It is 35 minutes from Carcassonne. Possibility of pick-up and carpooling depending on the number of places available at the Bus-station: Couiza-Saint-Anne (Roundtrip)

From Carcassonne: 1 €, 1 hour journey by Bus-SNCF.

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