The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle
The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle
The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle
The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle

The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle

5 days to discover the volcanos with your family

  • Discover the most important volcanos in Auvergne
  • Convenient self-guided bike tour
  • Eco-certified accommodation in the heart of the Massif Central
  • Electric mountain bikes available for adults
  • Adjustable itinerary and travel duration

100 % volcanic atmospher with craters, volcaninc cones and lakes, that were made because of lava. On this bicycle trip, you and your familie will discover the spectaculars volcanos in Auvergne.

In the heart ot the mountain range of the Puys with its regional natur park, more than 80 “young” volcanos and the Puys du Dôme, classified as Grand site de France you will live one of the most natural experience in a life time.
Experience the volcanos, the forests, the lakes and the villages that are gathered approximately 30 kms at the North of the biggest volcanic mountain range in France. This trip leads you to the youngest volcanos in Europe, with their aborted craters, domes made out of feldspars and lava streams : The all
diversity of the volcanic phenomens is waiting for you ! The Puy de Dôme, a big historical site with its gallo-roman vestiges watch over these sleeping volcanos. The vegetation is made of meadows and pastures, heather areas and mixed forests (Beech trees, walnuts, scotch pines, junipers, fir trees and spruces). Likewise there is one visit worth: The european park Vulkania that is devoted to volcanism.

Price from 505,- €

The mountain range of the Puys on bicycle

Self-guided tour, 5 days

Difficulty level


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DAY 1: Arrival in Laschamps.
After the welcome in Laschamps and the setup in the accomodation, you have the possibility to go hiking :
- Hike in the village of Laschamps and eventualy through the pastures to the “magical” source of Saint-Aubin, of which water is known as a cure to eyes problems.
- Ascsension of the Puy de Dôme by foot or with the cog railway.

DAY 2: Puy de Dôme and Puy de Pariou
On earth roads and light ways, round this emblematic peak of this mountain range (Puy de Dôme : 1465 meters high) continues the way to the foot of the mountain Puy de Dôme, of which the stream of lava is here known as the „cheires“ and is the most impressive of this volcano-mountains range.
Duration: 4 h – Distance: 19 km / 12 mi – Ascent: 570m – Descent: 570m – Level: Medium.
Optional : Visit of the european Park Vulkania, explaination of the vulcanic history…

DAY 3: Direction South : Summerpastures and crater

- Tour 1: Family holidays – The summerpastures of Beaune-le-Chaud.
This tour is conducted by the summerpasture for breeding of Adret-Lämmern, widespread meadows and scotch pines. You will see the sunny side of the mountain range of the Puys and experience the beautiful panoramic view on the mountain range of the Puys. The pathways are cover of volcanic ashes (Pozzolana)
Duration: 1h 30 – Distance: 10 km / 6.2 mi – Ascent: 210m – Descent: 210m – Level: Light.

- Tour 2: Tour of the Puy de Lassolas and of the Puy de la Vache
This trip leads you to an aborted crater. You will visit an old quarry blotched, that looks like a lunar landscape because of lava bombs. You will drive on a forest route between hazel trees, pinewoods and junipers.
Duration: 2 h – Distance: 13,5 km / 8.3 mi – Ascent: 250m – Descent: 250m – Level: Medium.
Tour 1 and 2 can be combined.

- Tour 3: Tour of the volcanic lakes of Aydat and Cassière
On this trip you will drive on a ridge from where you can freely see the lake of Cassière and the Massif de Sancy. You will cross a volcanic flow that creates a barrier for the water course hence is responsible for the creation of the lake. On a nice day we offer you the possibility to go swimming in the Lake of Aydat. Route on the coast of the lake. Alternative way : Bicycle path or pathway.
Duration: 5 h – Distance: 29 km / 18 mi – Ascent: 635m – Descent: 635m – Level: Medium.

DAY 4: To the East in direction of the foothills of Limagne: La Montagne de la Serre
On this day you are expected to discover the Montagne de la Serre on its ridge and through the villages of Fontfreyde and Chadrat. You will drive over a plateau famous for the migrant birds which fly over it. The number of migrant birds is checked and recorded every year thanks to the League for the protection of birds. Experience the dense scrubland, the small mountain villages and the Weinortschaften not far from the mythical place of the battle of Gergovia.

Small tour: Length : Duration: 3 h – Distance: 23 km / 14 mi – Ascent: 460m – Descent: 460m – Level: Medium.
Medium tour: Length : Duration: 4 h – Distance: 28 km / 17,5 mi – Ascent: 670m – Descent: 670m – Level: Medium.
Long tour over the Montagne de la Serre : Duration: 5 h 30 – Distance: 38 km / 23,5 mi – Ascent: 930m – Descent: 930m – Level: Ambitious.

DAY 5: Direction West: Castels and beech groves
LaschampsCol de CeyssatFontaine du LoupAllagnat
After the rise of the Col de Ceyssat leads the way through an ancient castel path, which is fringed by two hundred years old beech trees. Afterward you will drive through bucolic setting on the brick of streams of lava. The typical farming village of Allagnat, hung on the slope, is surmounted by its castel. You will find there a faming life atmosphere and an extraodinary point of view on the west side of the Puy de Dôme. On the way back, you will drive in brush-woods on paths made out of mossy sone mauers.
return of the bicycles in the afternoons.
Length : Duration: 4 h – Distance: 19 km / 12 mi – Ascent: 500m – Descent: 500m – Level: Medium.

At the beginning of your stay you can book one more night in Clermont-Ferrand (Overnight stay and Breakfast). Thus you can spend the evening in Clermont-Ferrand, the capital city of Auvergne, and you can see the cathedral and the medieval streets.
You can also stay a longer time in Laschamps to do other hikes by feet or bike.

For more information you can request our detailed information sheet via email. Please indicate which tour you are interested in.

Travel dates

  • Apr 05th, 19 – Oct 27th, 19
  • From 525,- €
  • open for reservation
  • Enquire now

Between April 1st and October 31st.
The duration of this self guided bike tour may be adjusted according to your preferences.

Indicated pricing per adult in dormitory

other prices:

Prices from €345 per child between 3 and 9 years of age

Please fill out our enquiry form indicating the number of your party and your preferred travel dates.


Price includes:
4 overnight stays with half board & picnics, detailed road book, visitor's tax.

Price excludes:
Train or airfares to/from destination, taxi transfer from/to Clermont train station (optional), drinks, entrance fees, travel cancellation insurance.
Rental bikes:
E-Bike for adults: € 195,-
26” for adults: € 130,-
24” for children between 9 and 12: € 80,-
Trailers are available for children between 3 and 5 and smaller bikes which can be linked to an adult's bike are available for children aged 6 to 8 years: € 65,-

Number of guests

Minimum number of guests: 2-3
Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
Last possibility of cancelation from the tour operator: 21 days before the beginning of the trip.


In the heart of the vulcanic mountains of the Puys, at the brink of the village farming village Laschamps offers the site an impressive point of view on the Puy de Dôme.
This accomodation, run by a guest-friendly family, has the eco-label “The green key”. Waste separation, short transport distance for the food products, controlled use of energies. Big and free terrace with canvas chairs and parasols invites you to a small relaxation. Free WIFI, free information point, trampoline for the children.

Two level of comfort:
- Private bedroom with 2 to 6 beds, bathroom with shower, bedlinens and towels will be set. All of the rooms with a balcony or a terrace. Eco-soap at the dispenser.
- Small dormitory with 6 to 10 beds, bathroom with shower, wasch-bowl and WC adjacent to the dormitory. Blanket and pillows will be set (But no bedlinens or towels). Possibility to rent bed sheets on site. (5€/person). Eco-soap at the dispenser.

Dinner and breakfast can be eaten on site. A picnic will be prepared for you for lunch.
The dinner will be composed of typical regional cooking, with fresh and varied vegetables and home-made pastries. The meals are rewarded by the seal of quality Relais du Parc des volcans d'Auvergne.

Level: light to ambitious

3 to 5 hours Mountainbike per day with rise at guest's option of maximum 350 m or 650 m. Light, medium, medium-difficult to ambitious level, according to the choice of the route.

Rented bikes

- Classic Mountainbikes for adults and children, disc brakes, shock absorber, bikes for adults with 27-speed. Alternative: Tandem for 2 Persons. Bikes for children linked to the adult's bike or hanger for younger children (Please ask us at the booking).
- Bike lockers in order to visit the volcano and o to swimm, and in general to not be worried
- Adjustable bike helmet for adults and children
- Repair kit: Bike inner tube, keys, pump

Electrical bike (As a Mountainbike) just for adults: Reduction of the effort through help energy.
At the rental of the bikes, you have to give a deposit by credit card or cheque.

A deposit is required in order to have at your disposal a GPS that can be fixed to the bike and a topographic map of the region.

How to get there ?

We recommend an eco-friendly trip with the train to Clermont-Ferrand train station. From there a cab drives you to Laschamps (14 km).

You can find more information on our detailed info sheet, that we send you gladly on enquiry!

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