Family hike in Corsica
Family hike in Corsica
Family hike in Corsica

Family hike in Corsica

6-day guided hiking from the mountains to the sea

  • Adventure trip for families
  • Accommodation in **hotels, full board
  • Swim in the sea, do water sports in Porto
  • Hiking from the mountains to the sea
  • Licensed local tour guide

Discover Corsica with your family! Explore the island’s beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife as you hike along the Spelunca deep valley, Tuara Beach and Girolata. Stop to enjoy a refreshing swim in rivers or the sea and embark on an adventurous tour!

Price from 865,- €

Family adventure in Corsica

Guided tour, 6 days

Difficulty level


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Day 1: Ajaccio – Evisa

Your family trip starts at 3pm at the Ajaccio ferry terminal. From there, a minibus will take you to Evisa a picturesque village perched. Check-in and take a dip in the pool at the hotel.Dinner

Day 2: Evisa and the Aitone Forest
Transfer in the morning at the start of the hike. Your first hike will take you through the forest of Aïtone along the river and its magnificent natural swimming pools, which invite you to swim.
Duration: 3hrs – distance: 5km/3,1mi – ascent: 350m – descent: 250m

Day 3: The sheepfolds of Radule and the Golo Valley
Transfer to the Vergio pass, then, following the GR20, participants hike to the sheepfolds of Radule nestled in a setting of granite rock. They may swim in the basins.
Duration: 4hrs – distance: 9km/5,5 mi – ascent: 450m – descent: 450m

Day 4: The gorges of the Spelunca
Descent into the Spelunca Gorge in the heart of a pink granite massif. Keep on the valley routes that farmers and muleteers have carved out along the way! Participants may go for a swim. Arrival in Ota, transfer to the village of Porto. Check-in at the hotel with swimming pool for 2 nights.
Duration: 4hrs – distance: 13km/8 mi – ascent: 130m/160ft – descent: 670m/1,150ft

Day 5: The beach of Bussaglia
On a path looking down on the Gulf of Porto, participants will embark on a treasure hunt, following the footsteps of the Barbarian pirate Dragu. This great adventure will take you to the beach of Bussaglia. Its seabed holds the hidden treasure... Return in the early afternoon to Porto.
Duration: 3hrs – distance: 8km/4,9mi – ascent: 180m/980ft – descent: 180m/980ft

Day 6: Girolata - Tuara Beach
Participants take the boat to Girolata to reach Tuara beach via a mountainside path. Picnic on the beach. Via the path of Guy le facteur, you will reach the Col de la Croix mountain pass. Transfer back to Ajaccio through the Calanches de Piana. End of the trip at Ajaccio ferry port station around 6pm.

For more information you can request our detailed information sheet via email. Please indicate which tour you are interested in.

Travel dates

  • Jul 03rd, 22 – Jul 08th, 22
  • From 865,- €
  • open for reservation
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  • Jul 10th, 22 – Jul 15th, 22
  • From 865,- €
  • guaranteed departure
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  • Jul 17th, 22 – Jul 22nd, 22
  • From 865,- €
  • reservations received
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  • Jul 24th, 22 – Jul 29th, 22
  • From 865,- €
  • guaranteed departure
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  • Jul 31st, 22 – Aug 05th, 22
  • From 865,- €
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  • Aug 07th, 22 – Aug 12th, 22
  • From 865,- €
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  • Aug 14th, 22 – Aug 19th, 22
  • From 865,- €
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  • Aug 21st, 22 – Aug 26th, 22
  • From 865,- €
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Indicated price cotation per child: 7 – 11 years
Teenager: 12 – 15 years : €910
Adult: €950

Our hike begins and ends in Ajaccio.
Please feel free to arrange your trip to and from Ajaccio by the means of transportation of your choice and extend your trip according to your preferences.

For parties of 6 or more, we're happy to arrange for additional travel dates and/or guided tours in English.


Price includes:
5 nights in 2-star hotels in a family room (2 to 4 people/room) with a private bathroom, full board (picnic at noon), activities (boat trip, treasure hunt) and supervision by a French licensed tour guide, luggage transport, transfers included in the programme, visits to the Tour de Porto and the aquarium (day 5 or 6), visitor's tax.

Guaranteed departure

Minimum number of participants: 5 (14 max.)
Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

Last possibility of cancellation by the tour operator: 21 days before departure.


5 nights in 2-star hotels in a family room (2 to 4 people/room) with a private bathroom. Continental breakfast.

Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotels. The homemade Corsican meals are prepared with regional products. During the hikes, you will enjoy copious picnic lunches also made of regional foods (e.g. salads, fruit, etc.). The picnics will be prepared by your guide but feel free to help! Additional snacks will be available during hikes.
Beverages are not included.

Level: easy - suitable for children

Easy, family-friendly hikes with few rocky and/or steeper stages.
Suitable for children above 7 who enjoy walking.
Walking with French people, an authentic experience
French speaking licenced guide
Average daily hikes: 3 to 4 hours at a leisurely pace with frequent stops and occasional swimming opportunities.
Bring along a daypack: small backpack containing personal belongings and your picnic.
A list of recommended gear will be provided upon booking.


Due to its geographical location in the heart of the Gulf of Genoa and the importance of the relief, the climate enjoys a marine and mountain influence. The very rapid variations in elevation between the coastline and the peaks induce marked contrasts, which are reflected in both temperatures and precipitation. In the mountains, the weather changes quickly. During the same day, and depending on the altitude, we can enjoy a splendid sunshine and summer temperature, but also experience a snowstorm and freezing temperatures. Be careful, you must carry a minimum number of items in your backpack to protect yourself from the cold or the sun! The late presence of snow on the massifs does not allow hiking above 2000 metres until mid-June.

How to get there

We recommend a low-carbon train ride to Marseille, Toulon or Nice (France), or to Milan, Savona or Genoa (Italy). From there, you can take a ferry to Corsica.

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