Sustainable tourism – respect for places and people

Blume mit Biene

France écotours offers themed trips and reality tours which subscribe to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. Our aim is to allow visitors to discover the many facets of the country by taking you off the beaten path and getting you in touch with its nature and residents, while ensuring that your visits do not have a negative effect on its natural environment and people.

We work with local partners in France who are also committed to responsible tourism, ensuring that a large percentage of all revenues stay within the region, thus contributing to economic and social development in the area.

Fully committed to the principles of sustainable business practices, France écotours has been certified by the European tourism certification organisation TourCert since 2010. Read more…

Our criteria for sustainable tourism


The following criteria for responsible and sustainable tourism are based on the criteria defined by the German sustainable tourism association forum anders reisen to which we belong.

• Most of our trips will take place during the off-season, thus allowing us to spread tourist activity throughout the year while avoiding periods during which excessive heat and water shortages can cause problems.

• By planning each trip with a focus on a specific region, e.g. a certain départment, we allow visitors to acquire an in-depth understanding of one aspect of the “French” experience” rather than drawing a rough sketch of the country as a whole.

• We adhere to the principles of respect for people and places and support those who work in line with those principles. Several French regions have launched tourism development initiatives aimed at the preservation of their historical, architectural and natural heritage.

• Most of our accommodations are run by locals, thus allowing for authentic encounters while ensuring that the largest part of the revenue generated through your trip will stay within the region.

• France is known for its exquisite cuisine. The art of cooking and the joy of eating are part of everyday life. Each region has its particular foods and flavours which we would like you to explore and appreciate.

• Water is a precious and rare good. In Southern France, water shortages can occur as early as in March. Our partners and all those travelling with us are thus advised to use it with consideration and avoid excessive water use where possible.

• Please try to separate your waste whenever possible even though recycling may not be a well-known concept in all areas.

• France is among the world's more prosperous countries, however, wealth is distributed unevenly throughout the nation. Unfortunately, “le Midi”, i.e. the South, is among those areas with a high unemployment rate. Our local partners are working to provide structures which benefit the local economy. By working with these partners, we are contributing to a positive economic and social development in these regions.

• In the interest of preserving natural sites and maintaining historical monuments, private and public operators ask visitors for a financial contribution. Thanks to these contributions, our natural and cultural heritage can be preserved for future generations.

Be cautious and respectful when hiking. Make sure to wear suitable footwear and avoid picking flowers, moving stones or lighting fires. Unauthorised excavations are prohibited.

• Our trips have been designed to highlight the gastronomic, patrimonial and economic characteristics of different regions to allow you to appreciate the many particularities. Don't go looking for “the French experience” – explore and appreciate life in Paris, Nice or Carcassonne!