CSR for Tourism

CSR stands for responsible business practices in line with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability. Believing in and fully complying with these principles, France écotours has been certified by the European certification organisation TourCert since 2010.

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About TourCert

Founded in 2009, the non-profit certification organisation TourCert unites experts from the fields of tourism, academic institutions, environment, development, and politics. With their long-standing experience, TourCert stands for sound criteria development and certification.

TourCert awards the TourCert label for CSR to tourism companies meeting high social and environmental standards beyond legal requirements and committed to continiously improving their sustainability performance.

Certification is awarded and auditers are appointed by an independent, honorary certification council. The council is also responsible for establishing TourCert's certification guidelines and CSR system requirements as well as conducting in-house audits.

TourCert’s system is based on both the international quality- and environmental management ISO and EMAS standards and the ISO guidelines for Corporate Responsibility (ISO 26000). TourCert's certification has been accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council whose criteria serve as a reference for sustainable travel worldwide.

For more information, please visit the TourCert website.

CSR - social responsibility

CSR principles in tourism

Tourism enables encounters between people. At the same time, it may affect local ecosystems as well as the region's economic and cultural development. As such, responsible tour operators must adhere to a set of principles to allow tourists and locals alike to benefit from the trips they offer. These principles include:

• Climate-friendly transportation to, from and at the destination
• Length of stay in relation to the distance between the place of departure and the destination
• Fair business practices and cooperation with local partners
• Continuous improvement of social and ecological standards
• Promoting economic, environmental and cultural development at the destination
• Ensuring local value creation
• Fair working conditions and promotion of socially disadvantaged populations
• Local and family-owned accommodations fulfilling high environmental and social standards
• Transparency with regard to social responsibility

CSR indicators France écotours 2018

CSR at France écotours

Last renewed in April 2015 and valid through 2018, our CSR certification allows us to evaluate our social, economic and ecological commitment based on a variety of quantifiable performance indicators. We're happy to report outstanding results with view to customer satisfaction (94.3 %) and carbon emissions both for our trips and our offices.

A continuous improvement programme which is part of the certification scheme helps us continuously evaluate and improve all aspects of our business. In the past we were able to decrease our carbon footprint by moving our headquarters to a green office building in Frankfurt, Germany and by transitioning to paperless office practices. Currently we are working on improving communication and booking procedures for our customers while focussing on strong partnerships in France and Germany.