France ecotours: Exclusive partner of the La Voyageuse 2021 Challenge

Girls challenge for a month-long ecotour in France

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What is it all about?

La Voyageuse is a French website catering to women solo travellers that has also organized the following challenge of the same name:

Candidates of all ages and nationalities are invited by the La Voyageuse team to participate in the following challenge: to travel across France (free travel), for min. 1 week, in an eco-responsible way from May 1-June 15, 2021. The accomodation is sponsored by solidarity hosts from La Voyageuse platform (candidates will receive the La Voyageuse pass). The candidates will be asked to create and animate their community on social networks.

Why this eco-tour challenge?

La Voyageuse and France écotours, the exclusive partner of the 2021 edition, are committed to “social progress”; namely, that alternative ways of “tourism” are currently possible. Here, women rediscover the gems by their doorsteps rather than having to travel to the other side of the world for them.

This ecotour in France emphasizes the beauty of the country and the warmth of its inhabitants – pleasures one can find close to home without needing to spend a fortune or harming the planet.

France écotours offers gift vouchers

France écotours shares the values ​​of La Voyageuse and proudly fosters participants to explore France through alternative means. To boost this goal in other regions in France, we offer travel vouchers to the three elected:

  • €1000 for the winner and a 3-year pass (subcription) at La Voyageuse.
  • €600 for the runner up and a 2-year pass at La Voyageuse.
  • €300 for the 2nd runner up and a year's pass at La Voyageuse.

The winners will be able to use the prize money for a stay of their choice on the France ecotours website, be it single or accompanied. If the voucher sum exceeds the price of the trip, they can use the remaining balance for a later trip.

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Why should I participate?

Our answers in video


The deadline for applications is April 1st.

The challenge is open to women of all nationalities. Whether you are a student, a digital nomad, on a professional break or retired with a crazy desire for action, you can apply!

You are suited for the challenge if:

To be part of # lavoyageusechalle2021, you will need:

  • - to be a woman of the age of 18
  • - like videos, photos and selfies and be comfortable with social media (you will be required to post regularly on Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • - Want to discover France and get to know the hosts of La Voyageuse for min. 1 week
  • - Travel exclusively in an eco-responsible way (on foot, by bike, hitchhiking, on skates, canoeing, by bus, etc.)

How to apply

Fill up this sign-up form before the 1st of April.

Once you have registered, a Traveler Pass will be offered to you for the duration of the Challenge.

You can then start preparing your trip, send hosting requests to hostesses.

How to win the challenge?

- Post publications on your favorite social networks telling about your experience as an eco-responsible solo traveler, your meetings with the local hostesses.
- Tag or mention #lavoyageusechallenge2021 as well as “@La voyageuse” and “@france_ecotours” on each of your publications. This will allow our jury to follow you.

On June 16, our jury will select, among all the publications of all the candidates, the 5 best publications.

The selection criteria are:

- Shared values ​​(mutual help, benevolence, empowerment, ecology, etc.)
- The aesthetic quality, originality, the emotion evoked.
- The relevance of all of the candidate's publications,

Has one of your publications been chosen? Great, you even will get phone call from La Voyageuse to let you know!

Final public voting

On June 17, the 5 selected publications will be reposted at the same time on the Facebook page and the Instagram account of La Voyageuse. Now is the time for you to get your network to like yours!

On June 28 at 12 p.m.(CET), the total number of likes obtained by each of these publications on La Voyageuse's Facebook page and Instagram account will determine the winners.

For all the detailed rules and conditions of the challenge, please download the complete rules and regulations. Unfortunately, these are only available in French.

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planning la voyageuse EN

Planning for the trip

- 1 March: opening of applications.
- 01 April: closing of applications

- May 1 – June 15: The ecotour in France kicks off (min. 1 week travel)
- June 17: The 5 finalists are announced and their publications published
- June 28: 3 winners announced, based on the amount of likes

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