RandoSmart, our GPS-app for smartphones


“RandoSmart” is an app for smartphones or tablets, which is customized to your individual route. Randosmart gives you your personal, detailed route description and GPS or geolocalization. All you need is a smartphone with a relatively new operating system (Android or iOS). The maps, points of interest and elevation profile can be downloaded at home and used offline on the trip. If you get lost, you will hear a warning sound on your phone. This way you are always on the right track.

To use:

  1. At home: Receive your password, open the app and download your route right away.
  2. When you are there: reopen the app and you will automatically get all information (i.e. itinerary, points of interest, terrain) and the geolocation. You will always be able to see your exact location indicated by the blue dot on your display, even without an internet connection.

RandoSmart helps you find your way effortlessly and safely on individual bike tours and hikes. Even in the middle of the Corbières or deep in the Ardennes – Massif you never get lost.
RandoSmart is a free, useful service for our individual travellers.

We recommend: a 4x faster Goelocalization with Galileo

Check the settings of your smartphone to see if your device is Galileo compatible. It's worth it!

Galileo compatible devices are more accurate than those that use GPS, Glonass or both. On average, it takes 16 seconds to locate a smartphone with Galileo compared to 46 seconds with the GPS system.
Galileo is the European satellite navigation system that currently owns 26 Galileo satellites in space, is expected to reach 30 by 2020, and has been in operation since December 2016. With the help of the Galileo satellites, as a mobile phone user in Europe you can access better navigation data. According to ESA, this will help provide a more accurate signal to make Galileo the best satellite navigation system in the world by 2020.

Indeed, the European system is two to three times more accurate than the GPS system (the accuracy is 20 centimer versus 10-15 metres). Another consequence is that smartphones integrating Galileo should be less affected by obstacles. The system is more effective for locations in dense areas (cities) or forests. This is a further advantage for the European system.

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