Qigong & exploring the Alps
Qigong & exploring the Alps
Qigong & exploring the Alps
Qigong & exploring the Alps
Qigong & exploring the Alps
Qigong & exploring the Alps

Qigong & exploring the Alps

7 days of wellness

  • Rejuvenation right among the French Alps
  • Up to 3 daily Qigong sessions
  • Double support on site
  • Massage & spa
  • Carfree holiday

Leave the hectic of everday life behind for a fusion of Chinese healing and Alpine scenery in France.

Let our Qigong sessions in the fresh air of the French Alps help you forget the stress and hectic of everyday life. Reboot in a 3-star hostel in the breathtaking mountains of Chartreuse. You will see historical sites as well as panoramic views of the Alps from its highest peak, the Mont Blanc. The different Qigong sessions will help you adjust your breathing to your needs and combine these techniques with movement and creativity. You will achieve inner-serenity by the end of the trip.
Leave it to Chef Jean-Luc to whip up some exquisite dinners to go with your wellness holiday.

Price from 795,- €

Qigong & exploring the Alps

Guided tour, 7 days

Difficulty level


Day 1: Arrival and Check-In

Participants arrive at the hostel on Sunday afternoon. At 7pm, they will be briefed on the week's itinerary whilst enjoying a welcome drink followed by dinner.
The daily trips start at 9am unless indicated otherwise so that guests have a chance to enjoy the pool in the late afternoon.

Day 2: The mountainside villages of Entremonts

The valley of Entremonts is right in the middle of the mountain range. Participants will experience its pastoral lifestyle and breathtaking summer scenery. They will encounter the expected herds of cattle as well as farmers and artists.

Qigong sessions: 3
Altitude difference: 400m
Duration: 5hrs
Dinner at the hostel

Day 3: The plateau of Chartreuse and its nature park

The day's hike leads participants past typical Alpine cabins to a 360° panoramic view of the range. They will see Mont Blanc, the highest point in the range, in the distance.

Qigong sessions: 3
Altitude difference: 400m
Duration: 5hrs
Dinner at the hostel

Day 4: Ways of the Carthusians

Participants get to visit the 900-year-old monastery La Grande Chartreuse, surrounded by some eye-catching scenery. They may choose to visit the site's museum.

Qigong sessions: 2(at the monastery)

Day 5: Day off

That's right! Save for the one Qigong session, participants have the day to themselves. That does not mean the cannot keep exploring Chartreuse. They should jump into the pool or visit the hostel's wellness centre at the very least!

Qigong sessions: 1(morning)
Dinner at the hostel

Day 6: The peak of Mont Joigny
Participants will discover the geological richness of Chartreuse as they ascend Mont Joigny. There will be plenty of opportunities to marvel at the sight of Mont Blanc, which will pop up now and again.

3 Qi Gong Einheiten erwarten Sie im Laufe des Tages.

Qigong sessions: 3
Altitude difference: 500m
Duration: 5hrs
Dinner at the hostel

Day 7: Departure

Guests will enjoy breakfast at 9am to round off their week of Alpine wellness. They will be taken to the train station at Chambéry for their rides home.

For more information you can request our detailed information sheet via email. Please indicate which tour you are interested in.

Travel dates

Indicated pricing per person in a double room occupancy
Single rooms upon request at a surcharge of €149


Prices include:
6 nights in a double room with full board, 12 Qigong sessions,Well-being and relaxation, a visit to the hostel's wellness centre, access to the pool and terrace with a view of Mont Blanc, transfers mentioned in the itinerary, visitor's tax and the guide's services.

Well-being and relaxation supplements included in the travel: access to the inn's relaxation area with sauna, spa and jet shower, (3 sessions), 2 relaxation sessions, 1 individual 30-minute massage

Number of Participants

Guaranteed departure: 6 persons (max. 15 persons)
Last possibility of cancellation from the tour operator: 21 days before the beginning of the trip


Participants will spend all 6 nights in a 3-star hostel on the Combe de Savoie, a serene hill. The hostel comes with a few sitting rooms, a main common room (guests can use the shoe dryer there) and a wellness centre.

Level of difficulty: easy to medium

Average daily duration of legs: 4 to 5 hrs
Terrain: Participants will experience altitude differences of 300 to 500m. The time needed to complete a daily leg can vary from group to group.
The tour is set in a low mountain range, thus, participants should be in good health and already be accustomed to light exercise such as jogging prior to the trip so as not to be overwhelmed by the ascents. They should aslo be able to walk around in the mountains each day.
Last but not least, this trip is meant for participants interested in learning the people and culture of the Chatreuse mountains.

Word on the tour guide: We ensure participants that the guide is a French, state-licensed mountain guide who specializes in tours in the region. The tour will be in French.

How to get there

We recommend an environmentally friendly journey by train to the TGV station at Chambéry. Free pick up service from the station at 17:30. Please click here for more information and tips on getting in and around France.

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