About France écotours

France écotours is a mix of French and Francophile travel experts working towards a common goal: presenting France in an authentic way, facilitating encounters between visitors and locals and promoting cultural exchange and responsible travel. Take time out from everyday life, wind down and enjoy unique moments with your family or friends!
We speak English, French, and German.

Why book with us?

  1. You will be the first to experience new travel inspirations
  2. You will embark on adventures with sense!
  3. You will get the real France, the one you do not get with regular holidays
  4. We lead you on unforgettable journey off the beaten track
  5. We give you a selection of unique holidays for singles, couples, families and small groups
  6. We connect you with local activists in sustainability
  7. And together, we support the local communities in France and give its committed actors a voice

Meet our team and see our credentials below!

Founder of France écotours, she manages the activities of the company from the Ökohaus , Frankfurt’s first Green Building. A true expert in sustainable tourism, she is very involved in the German sustainable tourism group “Forum Anders Journeys”. She knows Paris perfectly, her native city, as well as many regions, especially in the south of France, where she conceives green travels respecting the strong criteria set of the Anders Journeys Forum.
Yasmine holds among others a Master's degree in Sociology, a CSR Manager – TourCert certificate and is operational in four languages.

R. Kemmereit

Ronny & Manétage
Ronny and his team have been accompanying us on the complex paths of SEO since 2012. They manage all the web development on our two sites. Rigorous, curious and attentive to quality, they advise us on e-tourism tools and solutions that meet changing customer expectations. Ronny and his team always keep an eye on the latest trends and implement them in line with the company's needs.
A great team that is always on our wavelength.


Simo has been a director and audiovisual consultant for more than 20 years. With a dual background as a filmmaker and designer, he is able to manage a video project from A to Z, being particularly creative.
Simo is self-employed but works closely with the teams of France écotours and myecostay.


Naturally France!

France écotours subscribes to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. Our aim is to allow clients to discover the many facets of the country by taking them off the beaten path and getting them in touch with its nature and residents, while ensuring that their visits do not have a negative impact on the natural environment and locals. As such, our trips are built upon low-carbon mobility such as hiking, bike tours, train and bus rides as well as family-run accommodations, traditional and often organic foods and local tour guides.

In addition to our guided and self-guided tours, we offer customised corporate travel such as incentive, client or anniversary getaways. These trips are customised according to each company's individual wishes – ranging from themed city tours to team-building events in nature reserves. A detailed carbon-emissions calculation allows you to assess your trip's contribution to your company's carbon footprint and help you achive your environmental goals.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a travel agency, we pay the greatest attention to sustainability, which we want to document with our customers and business partners. This is why France écotours has been certified since 2010 according to the criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility by the certification body TourCert. At our last review in July 2018, we were satisfied with the excellent results.
The TourCert system specifications for tour operators have been officially recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and forms the basis for certification systems for hotels, destinations and other companies. All certification systems are based on the international quality and environmental management standards ISO26000 and EMAS.

As a responsible tour operator, we are a member of the German sustainable tourism association forum anders reisen and we have been certified “CSR- Travel for Tomorrow” by the German certification organization TourCert.