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Vegan food travels in France

There are vegan gems to uncover

Join France écotours’ first vegan-themed trip in France, hitting the vegan hotspots between Paris and vegan Brittany and discover why France positively excels at vegan food.

The French regions are full of produce: vegetables, fruits and oats, which are widely used in family cooking and traditional French cuisine in addition to proteins of animal origin. However, culinary traditions and mentalities are changing, veganism is taking root in France, a melting pot of populations, trends, places full of creativity. Paris and its “Veggietown” district sets the bar here. Join our travels in France, where some of the world’s most progressive, innovative and exquisite vegan food experiences can be had.

Our vegan food adventures are meant to help you discover a lesser-known France and meet those dedicated producers, committed actors, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs who “make” veganism. We will explore places between tradition and modernity where the hearts of veganists truly beat. It’s more than just the olive oil and baguette, more than just camembert and Dijon mustard, discover veritable smorgasbord of vegan delights in France.

France écotours also supports traditional production chains that respect the environment, biodiversity, organic farming, alternative techniques such as permaculture , naturo-culture and organic cyclical vegan agriculture. In this spirit, we wanted to offer the vegan public or those interested in veganism, vegan-themed trips in France.

Come and see how the French do it better, especially when they are bucking trends and rewriting rules.