Mhikes, our GPS-app for smartphones


“Mhikes” is an app for smartphones or tablets, which offers personalised guidance according to your trip.It will give you a personal, detailed route description and offer GPS tracking or geolocalization. The maps, points of interest and elevation profile can be downloaded at home and used offline during the trip. If you get lost, you will hear a warning sound on your phone. This way you will always stay on the right track.

How to use it:

  1. At home: After receiving your password, open the app and download your route right away.
  2. When you are there: reopen the app and you will automatically get all information (i.e. itinerary, points of interest, terrain) and the geolocation. You will always be able to see your exact location indicated by the blue dot on your display, even without an internet connection.

Mhikes helps you find your way effortlessly and safely on individual bike tours and hikes. Even in the middle of the Corbières or deep in the Ardennes – Massif you will never get lost.
Mhikes is a free, useful service for our individual travellers.

Technical requirements:

- A smartphone with a relatively recent operating system (Android from version 7, or iOS from Iphone 6 & SE or higher).
- At least 500 Mb of memory

Useful advice:

- Download the (free) application from your store (Google Play or App store)
- Authorize what the app requires
- Enter your login on the first page provided by France Ecotours.
- Enter your password on the second page, tick the boxe “France Ecotours” and accept the terms and conditions.
- Download your trip information. You can do this before your departure, at home or in a place connected to high speed internet. Depending on your internet connection, it may take some time (up to a few minutes) to download all the files.
- You can then open and use the downloaded information offline during your journey.
- By activating the voice assistant (in English), you can easily and comfortably follow the routes we have prepared for you.

What if your smartphone is not powerful enough?

In this case, France écotours will provide you with the detailed information in pdf format and the gpx tracks of your tour (readable on your phone or on GPS navigators such as Garmin)

Mhikes 2

Enjoy a pleasant and safe travel

Have you booked an individual walking or cycling holiday with France écotours? Enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind thanks to the Mhikes smartphone application, supplied free of charge with your booking.

*Simple and fun to use, this app offers the following advantages

- A complete Roadbook containing photos, sounds or videos depending on the stage of the trip
- Works offline
- Your route described day by day for more clarity
- Ultra-precise guidance (+/- 0.5 m)
- Precise gpx track on roads or paths
- Audible warning when you leave the track
- Voice guidance possible in sleep mode
- Access to available alternatives to your route
- Complete and geolocalised information on your accommodation, restaurants, museums, etc.

Our trips with Mhikes