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Yoga and Meditation trips in France

Our list of yoga retreats for the ultimate meditation experience

Need a boost of energy that is free of caffeine? Our yoga trip at a private resort in Ardèche, southern France, will help you tap into an inner-source of energy you probably never knew you had. The natural setting of the estate and eco-villa is part and parcel of the practice of yoga. For, if you delve into its Hindu and Buddhist origins, yoga is meant to connect you with your body and your surroundings. Our trip focuses on TriYoga®.

We will keep the introduction short. Yoga retreats are usually associated with India, with greats such as the late B.K.S Iyengar. TriYoga is a style from the West. A sophisticated style that originates from Hatha Yoga, resembles dancing, and emphasizes breathing technique. The physical meditation can be very therapeutic, easing anxiety, aches and depression. It consists of 7 different progressive levels, each level creating bigger ‘waves of energy’ that help you feel in harmony with your body. TriYoga was developed by Kentuckian, Kali Ray. Our instructor, Anja, will give a European interpretation. Each lesson begins and ends with breathing exercises. During each session, there are several breathing-coordinated movements. It is one of those things you have to try for yourself to believe and understand.

Did we mention the private pool and terrace and the terrific location for hikes? Well, now we did. The dedicated yoga resort's kitchen also prepares fresh, organic meals from regional ingredients, including macrobiotic meals, to complement the exercises. A macrobiotic meal is part of the yoga philosophy, in which meals are supposed to aid the flow of energy.