Cultural microadventures

Guided microadventures in France

A quick escape from the office for a change of scenery

For city-dwellers stressed out from office life with little free time to spare, microadventures offer a breath of fresh air close to home. A short getaway allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, without having to fly halfway around the world. In the words of the man behind the concept, renowned English traveller Alaister Humphreys, it is a short, inexpensive, recreational day or days outdoors, preferably the great outdoors.

For France écotours, a microadventure can also be experienced as a form of slow tourism. More often than not, a microadventurer can travel for an extended weekend or simply enjoy a day in the countryside in the mountains or near the sea without needing a car.

Our concept: Microadventures with local specialized guides and cultural immersion

Now, a simple stroll in a nature park near your home is a step in the right direction.

But if you like to have an emotion-packed outing with your family, friends or in a small group, we have some guided microadventures in store for you. Local guides and/or experts who know their region inside out, showing you original hidden gems and giving you inroads into the local culture. And of course, regional French food, broken morsels of English from locals and a lot of passion for what they are about that they are willing to share with you.

Microadventures: Easy and usually car free

We currently have two locations for such trips, spend between a day and 3 days in Alsace or Aude.

They are close to the train station and often come with a pick-up service option on your arrival (to and from the starting point). Our tours are designed according to strict ecotourism criteria of our certification organization. These trips enhance the identity of the region, its natural and cultural heritage and contribute to the local economy.